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Music at Your Door

Our team of music industry pros developed Music at your Door using the same principals and standards that have made the New York Academy of Music successful.  Choose to study at one of our location in Amityville or in the comfort of your own home. Our staff is locally based and therefore is familiar with every town and area in the LI region. We don’t have to find your town on the map first!


Music at Your Door provides you with the security and comfort of knowing that the instructor is the best match for your music students needs, and capable of taking the student from the level they are at now to where ever they want to go.
Call today to start your musical journey!


CALL US TODAY! 631.608.8858

Music at Your Door is the in home private lesson division of the New York Academy of Music.


Music at Your Door brings the best music teachers to your home or business for private one on one or group music instruction


Music Lessons in the comfort of your own home and on your schedule. We bring music to your door!

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